Lori Lupul

Romance Writer

My Debut Novel

A sweet pea in Baltimore - romance by Lori Lupul

A Sweet Pea in Baltimore

Amidst the cracked streets of Baltimore, a tiny seed of love is planted…

Recent high school graduate Jada has led an exemplary life and dreams of a fun-filled summer before heading to college. Eager to remain active, she heads to the local boxing gym, where she meets the handsome trainer.

Cutty is dedicated to bolstering the lives of the inner-city teenage boys he is surrounded by. He is drawn to the newest member of the gym, who exudes kindness and intelligence. Mindful of their age difference, Cutty begins dating Jada—until a vicious attack prevents them from being together.

Can their spark be rekindled once the dust has settled?

An excerpt from this new adult romance:

“And there’s something else,” Cutty added.

“Tell me.” Jada was all ears.

“You can’t come to the gym anymore, at least, not until these guys are caught.”

Jada swallowed. She could hardly believe her ears. “You mean I can’t work out here anymore? There’s still time before school starts.”

“I’m afraid not. The detective recommended it. Rev Joe and I both agree,” Cutty stated. “If those punks show up, the boys will have my back. But I can’t put you in harm’s way.”

Jada was taken aback. “What do you mean? I can’t see you?”

“That’s right, Jada. We can’t be seen spending time together. It’s for your safety. And it’s for the best.” Cutty’s words were a bit harsh. He let go of her wrist. “You need to focus on your education now and your cheerleading squad.”

“I see.” It took all of Jada’s strength to get her words out without breaking down in front of Cutty.